The PLM Administrator ProAdmin provides essential functions for maintaining incorrect data. These can be consistently corrected and cleaned up thanks to simple tools. Mass operations additionally support the reorganisation of a wide variety of master data. In addition, ProAdmin enables an exceptional user experience thanks to state-of-the-art technologies.

Thanks to its clear display, ProAdmin users can clean up the data that needs to be adjusted with just a few clicks – individually or several at the same time. This is how they optimise data and processes and generate more time for productive work steps.

Primary functions

ProAdmin is the perfect tool for correcting erroneous data. It offers several critical functions that allow easy customisation of single or multiple files simultaneously:

  • Setting status / administrator
  • Migration of document data including document type
  • Storing / importing / removing / exporting original documents
  • Deleting document content versions
  • Changing classification data
  • Writing SAP logs

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