ProStructure enables the controlled creation of multi-level product structures that can be derived and modified from a reference structure. If the reference structure is changed, the target structure is synchronised manually or automatically. ProStructure can also be used to compare two structures.

Do you want to transfer material or project BOMs on several levels, manage structure relationships or resolve structure conflicts? ProStructure is the ideal tool for this. This SAP solution allows the controlled creation of multi-level product structures, but also offers other functions, such as the comparison of two structures.

Primary functions

The handling of product structures is at the heart of ProStructure: From the system to the comparison and maintenance. The behaviour in case of structural differences, the validation rules and the user interface can be configured according to individual customer needs.

  • Structure relationship management
  • Processing multi-level material or project BOMs
  • Change in the target structure
  • Automatic transfer of the reference structure
  • Structure comparison of material or project BOMs

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