ProMassOperations enables the mapping of processes for mass mutation via structures and object selections to the object material master and document info record. This allows you to perform efficient and controlled mass updates of material and document status along structures.

The name ProMassOperations says it all. With this SAP solution, you have the perfect tool for changing PLM data objects with help of mass mutation. Through the use of ProMassOperations, processes can also be optimised and made more efficient.

Primary functions

With ProMassOperations you are optimally equipped for the mapping and mass mutation of processes. Clearly presented, this SAP solution offers a range of functions for the efficient handling of change processes. Thanks to expansion options, you can also adapt ProMassOperations entirely to your business needs.

  • Initialisation of a change
  • Setting inspection and release statuses on several objects
  • Customer-specific mass mutations
  • Definition of selection criteria
  • Configuration of permitted status changes

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