ProConfiguration enables the definition and mapping of a comprehensive PLM data model. Product lifecycles, processes and scenarios can be completely set up for all PLM objects. The intuitive user interface allows a simple and clear presentation of the product configurations and their historical states.

Are you looking for a solution to optimally define and map PLM data models with little effort? Then use ProConfiguration. With this product you can easily define product lifecycles and processes. At the same time, you benefit from a very clear presentation, which makes working with PLM objects even easier.

Primary functions

With ProConfigration, you can define and display comprehensive PLM data models with just a few clicks. Thanks to dependency definitions between the PLM objects within the data model, consistent maintenance, checking and release is guaranteed at all times.

  • Mapping of configuration types
  • Mapping of change processes
  • Automatic control of the object creation
  • Management of product configurations
  • Definition of product lifecycles
  • Rule-based data consistency assurance

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